Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Time Keeper

I've been anxious to share one of my favorite organization tools with you:
I found this handy-dandy organizer through a favorite blog of mine, the Money-Saving Mom
and discovered that the author was someone I knew from PA!!!
I ordered my first copy of her planner last year,
and I loved it. 

I've always had a "thing" for planners, beginning back in high school when our teacher gave them to us to keep track of our assignments! {Do I qualify as a nerd?}
There are weeks when I feel like my brain can't handle all that I'm trying to remember, and this is wonderful in keeping all that information categorized.
There's a place for everything.
A calendar-type page is at the start of each month, with a place on the right for monthly goals.

Then there are weekly pages, with space for daily activities and plans,
a spot to write your menu,
and a column on the right for notes. 
It's so helpful for me to write down the projects I need/want to complete each week, as well as keep a daily log of our activities. 
If I get inspired, I'll plan my menu in advance for the week and jot that down as well.
If not, I'll write what we ate for that meal,
and star our favorites!

There are shopping lists, which I haven't used as regularly since I have a memo stuck to my refrigerator and haven't gotten in the habit yet of writing it in here.
But it's perforated, and you can easily tear it off and put it in your purse when you're ready to head to the store!
There's a place for notes, a pocket for random cards/information,
and even a page to jot down gift ideas for your family & friends!
Can you tell how much I love this?!
It's made me so much more organized, 
which keeps me sane. ha!
These planners are only $11.75 + shipping, and you can order yours here.

So there you have it! 
What's your favorite organizational tool?


  1. love love ..... i have a planner very similar to this one !!! I so love you r blog Ruby it always brightens my days !!!!!!!

  2. Have this/love this. This is my 3rd year using it. I use mine almost identical to way you described. So helpful! LOVE using it as a reference for important things that happened! I write down my girls' milestones on the date they happen--makes scrapbooking easy with this handy reference! I give it a 5 star rating.