Monday, July 21, 2014

The Big Things

Everyone talks about "the little things",
those bits and pieces of a day that make up a good life...

...The sunlight streaming through a meadow;
fresh raspberries along the lane;
the joy that shines from on a child's face when they discover something new.

Those things, in reality, often are the big things.
They matter.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Man Turns One!

A week ago, we had a birthday celebration for Nicholas, who turned a year old!
From the start, we've nicknamed him "little man", and it seemed fitting to have a party with that theme!

I made some mustache sugar cookies
and decorated them with picks...mustaches of course!

The first year of a baby's life is so full of milestones, and I love to take their monthly pictures, 
so I compiled the two on a chalkboard I created.
The change from a newborn to a one-year-old is absolutely amazing,
and every stage is precious. I could get a little teary just looking at this!

Every party needs a "stache" of candy!!!
Gummies are my personal favorite :)

Cute little striped bags were perfect for the favors!
I added some mustache stickers and wrote their names on them.

She's sneakin' food again! Wonder where she learned that from?!

This little guy was a trooper at his party, even though he was teething.

I'm learning to take family pictures before the party, if I want them!
Kyra (my sister-in-law) was in charge of the camera
during the party and she did a great job!

The smash cake was made out of the abundant zucchini in my garden.
I was secretly worried it wouldn't smash as good as a regular cake, but I should have remembered it was Nicholas who would be doing the smashing! :)

This little guy is all boy!

He tore into the cake, and pounded on it like his life depended upon it!

His audience loved it!!

He demolished that cake, and wore the same mischievous grin he always wears when he's in trouble!
I love this little guy!!

She is his biggest fan. It's so fun watching them interact!

Opening presents is always fun, probably even more for the other children than for the baby!

A little man's first birthday isn't complete without a tractor from Grandpa Shenk :)

The besties loved their candy!

This picture is priceless! I want to squish them all!!

This handsome boy is growing so fast!

My heart melts every time I look at this.
My family. My world.
I am so blessed!

So tiny. So precious.
How are you one year old, little man?

I think he's the cutest little guy ever! But I am prejudiced, a little :)

Happy birthday, Nicholas Edward!
We couldn't love you more.