Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Rug Dilemna (and how we resolved it)

Since moving to the farmhouse, we've been on the hunt for a rug.
It didn't take us long to discover how loud a living room with hardwood floors can be!
We cringed at the echo of noise and the lack of warmth
in this space.

But the process of actually purchasing a rug felt daunting!
For starters, we needed a big rug because we had a big space.
It wouldn't be easy to return if we didn't like it.
And there are so. many. options.
How in the world would I ever decide?!

And secondly, rugs aren't cheap. 
It didn't take me long to discover that I probably wouldn't find the size/style I needed
on Craigslist. (or I might be waiting for a long time)
So I decided that the next best option would be to snag a rug during the Black Friday sale.
I had heard great things about Rugs USA, so that's where I looked and was happy to find some of the best prices anywhere there!

After much deliberation and second opinions, I placed the order.
This rug arrived just a few days later!
And it was SO BLUE. I just wasn't prepared for all that color.
Part of me loved the richness of it, but I just didn't love it!
And we quickly found out that it was simply too big, so I called the company to request a return.
My sweet husband got the job of hauling it back to the hardware store so they could ship it back!

I showed Eddie another rug that I had my eye on the whole time,
but he didn't think the size was right.
We remeasured and decided it would fit this space, and I ordered it just in time to make the Cyber Monday sale! (Thank you, Jesus!)

From the moment it came, I loved it! It fit the room perfectly, had a subtle pattern that was exactly what I was envisioning, and in a color that didn't scream "look at me!!"
Eddie was happy with it too, which was a pretty big deal to me.
It's soft on little (and bigger) feet, and gives the room the warmth it desperately needed.
It was worth every penny!

If you're in the market for a large area rug, check out Rugs USA!
They have a wonderful selection and excellent service.
And don't be like me: get the rug you really want the first time! 😉