Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Gardens

As I was browsing Pinterest a few days ago,
I stumbled onto a picture of an Easter garden and instantly knew it would be perfect project for my children and I!

We spend time doing special activities with the children at Christmas to celebrate the birth of Christ,
but Easter is an even more significant event for the Christian!
Jesus' death on a cross and resurrection from the grave is our salvation and hope for eternity.
I want my children to understand why we celebrate Easter,
and this seemed like a great way to start more discussions about it. 

There were only a few basic items needed to make the gardens.
(And if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm all about simple projects! 😉)
I found the clay plate and faux moss at Walmart and got the pebbles from Hobby Lobby.
We just picked out some twigs from our backyard to make the crosses.
Not pictured: an empty tin can

We started with a layer of dirt that Nicholas scooped from somewhere (probably my flower beds!),
then added the tin can with the open end toward the front of the plate.
I hot glued the moss over the can and the children placed the pebbles around the sides and front.
I used twine to fasten two twigs together, which created the crosses, and then hot glued them into the moss.

I took the children on a four-wheeler ride to find some larger rocks to cover the opening of the can.
That was probably their favorite part of the whole project!

It was such fun to watch their gardens take shape,
but even better to have conversations with them about why Jesus went to the cross for us that day. 
I love how a simple activity like this can communicate profound truth to little (and big) hearts.

What Easter traditions are meaningful in your family?