Sunday, September 30, 2012

A party for Sugarplum!

September 16, 2011 was a day that forever changed our lives: Hadassah Jo was born, and we entered the world of parenting! As we approached her birthday, I thought alot about the miracle of birth, and then growth as we watched her change from a helpless infant to a laughing, walking, talking bundle of joy!!! Eddie & I agree that she is the best thing that has happened to us. We couldn't love her more! I wanted her party to be a time of celebrating her life with all of the people who love her the most. I was so grateful that my whole family was able to be here and make the memories even more special!

As I thought about a theme, I decided to go with "sugarplum", since that is a name that I have called her since she was born. And the fun began!!! I pulled together a variety of vintage decor that was around the house, as well as an antique chandelier that I repurposed with some spray paint!

I used an old window that I found at a garage sale, and strung up her 1 year photos with some twine!

I wanted a timeline of her first year, so I took her monthly photos, cut them into ovals, and adhered some ivory linen cardstock to the back. {I may have gotten a little teary as I looked at how she's grown!} Just clip them to jute with mini clothespins...and you're set! I love how this marks their development. They change so much the first year, and it's special to have a visual of their growth! Of course, I especially love it, since I'm such a sentimental gal. 

My sister, Freda, was a huge help with the decor! She knows what I like and did a fantastic job of helping me pull it all together. Balloons were weighted down with a piece of candy...thanks to Pinterest!

A bowl of plums on the table continued our theme. I made a burlap banner with Hadassah's name on it, and hung it on the front of the table. 
My dear friend, Edith {Hadassah's Aunt Edie!} made these lovely cupcakes. The chocolate cupcakes had a chocolate ganache filling, and they were i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e.
She also made a personal cake for Hadassah, complete with a fondant plum! It was too cute. Confession: I wanted to eat all of it by myself!!

 We took some mommy/daughter photos on the big day, and although none of her expressions are perfect, I still love them!

Just look at those cheeks! She'll always be my baby girl.

We only got one family photo, and it's a little alot cheesy, but at least we have it for memory's sake!

Hadassah was quite the prim little lady with her cake! We tried and tried to get her to smash it, but to no avail.

She just took dainty little bites, {no, she didn't learn that from her mommy!}and then clapped and squealed!! It was the cutest thing.

She loved her gifts!!! The pink car from Aunt Edie and Uncle B, especially. Apparently I'm slow at unwrapping presents, because she was crawling in before the box came off!! She gets her lack of patience from her father, of course :)

After much debating about what we should get her, and coming down to the last minute without a present for the birthday girl, I picked up a cell phone for her! She's always dragging mine around, so I hoped this would help solve that dilemna. She LOVES that phone! One of her favorite things to do is open it up, and say "hello" and then close it, and say "bye"! Now she has a car, a phone and a toy camera!!!
I took a few pictures of her toddling around in her ruffled white dress, just because my baby girl will only have one 1st birthday!


Precious little angel, you have blessed our home in so many ways! Happy 1st birthday, Hadassah!!!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Design Love: Stylescope Design Personality Quiz

Hello lovelies! I feel like I've been in blog hibernation forever, although not by choice! My internet at home is down, so I decided to take a few minutes while I was at a working computer to bless you with my presence! haha. Seriously, I hate strongly dislike functioning off of a 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" screen, aka: cellphone. Not my cup of tea! Alright, I'm off my soapbox. Thanks for listening :)

On to the real fun! I have this obsession with all things design, and when Young House Love posted this fun Stylescope Quiz from Homegoods, I had to take it. For some reason, it helps me to be able to "categorize" my style. This one was hard, with so many fun little images to choose from. {but they all are, who am I kidding?!} I debated and debated, but settled on the 5 that especially drew me, and my results are Farmhouse Glam! I just feel better, having a name for my condition. It's a lovely one, isn't it?! So hop on over to HomeGoods and click "Get Started" on the white box where it asks for your Home Design Personality. Let the fun begin!!! Don't forget to post your results (=

Happy Friday, dear friends!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Barn Sale Sneak Peak

I thought you might enjoy a peak at the projects I've been working on for the upcoming Barn Sale!

:: Distressed barn wood signs ::

There will be a variety of lettering styles and sayings on this line-up.
I picked some of my favorites, but would love to hear what yours are! Do you like inspirational sayings, verses, marriage quotes or just catchy phrases? 
I can customize them just for you!

:: Personalized coffee & soup mugs :: 

Wouldn't these be perfect as a bridal shower or wedding gift?! 
They can also be customized with the saying of your choice.

:: Latest find ::

Today a friend & I visited a new fabulous vintage shop that opened up in Harrisonburg, 
The Lady Jane! This place is truly a delight, packed full of eye candy with a sweet owner to boot!
 Go visit them as soon as possible!

Is this not adorable?!
I have it's home already picked my bedroom,
along with an old chair
that I plan to refurbish very soon!
Can't wait to show you!!

Have a relaxing Labor Day weekend my friends!

p.s. don't forget to give me your suggestions on sayings for the signs! (=