Friday, September 11, 2015

A Weekend at the Homestead

A few weeks ago, Eddie & I accompanied our friends and business associates
to the Homestead in Warm Springs, VA
for a business trip.

Our first stop was the shooting range.

This guy has some serious talent with a gun! I would have been happy to just sit and watch him do his thing.

But he wanted me to give it a try, too. I was fairly certain I would embarrass him badly enough that he'd never ask me to shoot a gun again!
I actually surprised myself, and made him proud :)

Eddie made it his responsibility to give me lessons on how to carry a gun properly. #amateur

We had a blast!
(Maybe, just maybe I'll shock  him and suggest a sporting clays date night!)

The view from the lodge was beautiful!

And the flowers were gorgeous.

I think I could live at this hunting lodge.

More gorgeousness

Our room at the Homestead

A year and a half ago, we stayed at The Homestead for our anniversary, and had purchased the romance package. Somehow, we never got that, but they refunded us and offered us a free upgrade when we came again. I decided to call them and see if it was still available. They asked if we wanted a king-size bed in an executive suite, and of course I said yes! The couple we went with had made reservations in another wing for the only available rooms, and those had double beds.
I had no problem taking this!

And if I could have, I would have brought the entire bathroom along home with me!

The Homestead is full of history and charm. It was originally built in the late 1700's, next to the famous hot springs that many presidents visited.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped.

While Eddie was in a business meeting, I strolled around the massive property and admired the beauty.

They were hosting a festival on the grounds, complete with a live band that played some famous Alabama numbers.

I can't get over this place.

Another view from the hill

This apricot tart was fabulous!

Another favorite part of the weekend was the morning run Eddie & I went on together! I could totally get used to doing that. 

We persuaded the guys to join us for high tea at 3 o'clock.

If you visit the Homestead, you must have tea! They serve a variety of scones and tea sandwiches along with hot tea and coffee, while a pianist plays music in the background.

But the best part of the weekend was just being with him. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What I Learned in August

1. Shooting skeet may be my new favorite sport. 

2. Getting to drive by a castle that you cannot actually explore may be a new form of torture. Seriously, people, have a heart!

3. Tomatoes are so pretty when they're in a bowl, but after you spend 2 whole days making sauce and salsa and juice, they just look like WORK.

4. There is something about a live concert that makes me feel alive; especially when I persuade my sister and bestie to join me in front of the stage! (You're welcome guys.)

5. The messier it is, the more fun they have! Can someone explain that to me?

6. It pays to make that phone call! You just may end up with an executive suite and a king size bed, instead of a standard room with double beds.

7. Babysitting a cuddly nephew is a new form of recreation around here.

8. Ginger Gold apples make a perfect sauce, thick enough to please my man and sweet enough to eat without sugar. One more first world problem solved! 

 9. Basically nothing beats quality time with my man.

10. Every girl needs besties that spoil her, and enough belly laughs in one evening to give your abs a work out!

What did you learn in August?