Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Blessings!

Things I love about Christmas

:: a cozy fire on a cold night ::

:: ornaments that remind me of the gifts Jesus brought me: Joy & Peace ::

:: a Christmas tree, with its twinkly beauty ::

:: red decorations ::

:: wrapping presents for people I love ::

:: family ::

:: a precious baby ::

:: My Saviour! ::

Without the gift of His life 2000 years ago, there would be no Christmas.
No Joy!
No Peace on Earth.

Because of Him, we celebrate!
Because of Him, we have hope.

O come, let us adore Him, Christ, the LORD!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Craft #2

Happy Monday, dear friends!! This post was supposed to be up last Thursday...but life happened! Hadassah has started teething, which means naps are shorter and baby a little more fussy. So I'm finding it a bit challenging to get everything on my to-do list crossed off. But I'm learning [slowly!] some thing about what is truly important. And some days, that means saying "no" to anything other than hubby, baby, and of course, getting some food on the table! I'm sure you moms can relate.... So, no, I didn't get much time to work on crafts last week, but I wanted to share a super-easy project I did for the Christmas brunch I hosted!

They are place cards that I fell in love with when I saw them on Pinterest! You just need to gather some fresh greenery [at your neighbors', if you're lucky like me! Or even better, at your own house], snap the branches into even-sized twigs and cut off the ends of the greenery. Use a hot glue gun to glue two twigs together on the ends, and then add a spray of evergreen to complete the card holder!

The actual place card can be whatever you choose! There are so many fun free designs to download online or at Pinterest, of course!! I chose to make my own, using some old music sheets [thanks, Amy!] with black paper to make them pop. They were a perfect accent to the Christmas decor and had a natural, outdoorsy feel. And...they were Free!! 

So what's your favorite place card holder? Any fun Christmas-themed ideas? I'd love to hear them!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jesus for the Day

Our church has a long-standing tradition of putting on a Christmas play each year. This year, "Mary's Story" was the featured production. Everyone did an outstanding job and it brought a whole new meaning to the Christmas story for me. Since baby Truman couldn't be at church Friday evening, Hadassah had her first acting role as baby Jesus! This mama was just a little bit worried about how she'd do...she's usually a sweet baby, but hasn't learned just yet that there are certain times you just smile and act happy!

Here she is, talking to "Mary"!

And posing with Mary's friends...

And here's "baby Jesus"!

She actually did really well...other than crying before she was born! As soon as they started talking to her, all was right with her world and she behaved nicely for the rest of the scene!! Whew.

But this whole acting-as-Jesus got me thinking: what if we all were Jesus for a day? What exactly would change in my daily routine? Maybe I'd take the time to make a phone call to a friend that's struggling, or take a meal for the mom who just had a baby, or visit the lady who just lost her husband of 50 years. Aren't we supposed to "be Jesus" in real life? He isn't here in body anymore; we are! And He's counting on us to be His hands, His feet, His voice. I don't know about you, but I know that I want to "be Jesus" in my community and to my family. So many times, I've chosen to do what I want to do, rather than obey the Holy Spirit when He asks me to reach out in love. I think I'm too busy or too tired. But He didn't make any excuses. He came...willingly. How can I do any less?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby Dedication & A Giveaway!

Hadassah's Dedication

Sunday was a special day for our family! In the presence of God, family members and the church, Hadassah was dedicated to the Lord. 

Pastor Daryl was kind enough to pose with us for a picture! [even though we arrived 10 minutes after the time we had agreed upon. and no, it wasn't the baby's fault! it was more like mine. the clothes just weren't working! you ever have that problem?!] 

My parents drove down from PA to celebrate this special occasion with us.  

And Eddie's parents drove a whopping 12 minutes to join us too!! I love having his family so close by.  I also love pictures that are taken from my "good side". [Eddie said that it's his good side too! ha] 

But seriously, we owe so much to them both. We were taught about God, prayed for and loved. This in itself is a greater gift than most children ever receive! Now it is our turn. What a privilege! And what a responsibility. 

"Do you recognize your child as a precious gift from God and present her before the Lord in solemn dedication? Do you acknowledge your duty to see that your child be taught the meaning and purpose of the Christian life, and do you promise, with God's help and guidance, to encourage her to accept Christ as Saviour and Lord, and to make a commitment to Christian service?"

Yes! I felt very much like we were saying our marriage vows, but these had a whole different weight to them. Knowing that the responsibility of her training lies solely on our shoulders is sobering, but it's also a wonderful privilege. God, give us wisdom to mold Hadassah so that she will be everything You created her to be! Our prayer is that she will go far beyond us spiritually and that the love we pour into her will be poured into the lives of the people she touches. 

Here she is...our baby, who insists on sitting up like a big girl! Could she be more precious?! Yes, I'm her mommy! And I may be just a little bit prejudiced. But don't you agree??

Giveaway Winner!!

Now for the giveaway! Cue the drum roll...

Lou is the winner!!! 

A big thank you to each of you who entered; I wish I could give a canvas to all of you! But if you still would like to place an order, just let me know. I can customize it to fit your style! Visit my facebook page, Diamond Designs, to see more of the products I've created! Now I'm off to work on some projects for the brunch I'm hosting on Saturday! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday To-Do: Christmas Craft #1

With all the inspo on Pinterest, I'm having way too much fun this Christmas!! I'm planning a brunch and Chex Mix Party exchange this Saturday, so I have several fun little projects I'm working on with that in mind. Here's round #1!

I love pinecones. And evergreen. And mistletoe! [I can't forget to sneak that in somewhere in the house to surprise Eddie! ha] Sorry, I the evenings, especially. Back to the project! All you need are some mini pinecones, a foam tree and some hot glue. I had the pinecones and bought the foam at - you guessed it - Michael's! 

You just glue the pinecones onto the foam, starting at the bottom and working your way up. There's no perfect way to do this. 

Voila! You have a mini tree!! I just set mine on a flower pot and love the finished product!

The giveaway is ending tomorrow so don't forget to enter if you haven't done so yet!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


In the spirit of the season [and just because I want to!] I have a giveaway for one lucky person!!

I created a few canvases recently that I designed with Christmas in mind. One of them is currently hanging in my dining room and I'm loving it!

Here is the "JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON" canvas that one of you will receive. It can be hung on a wall, propped on a mantle or an old dresser. It measures 11" x 14". 

Giveaway will be open until Wednesday, December 7 and winner will be drawn from One entry only, please!

Now I need to bounce...we have a Christmas supper with the youth tonight. Happy weekend!!     

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nursery Reveal!

My baby is 10 1/2 weeks old, so I think it's about time to give you a peek into her nursery! This room was originally designed to be a sewing room so it's not too big...just the perfect size for baby & mommy! But it is a little bit tricky to take pictures with the tight angles, so please forgive the crookedness.

Since we didn't find out baby's gender, I needed a neutral room and the colors I envisioned were turquoise and coral. After hours of searching online - and almost giving up - I found the one!!! [Please tell me I'm not the only one who is so obsessed with that image I create in my head!] But it was worth the wait!
The colors were exactly what I had in mind. Don't tell me God doesn't care about the little things!

We decided to just paint the inset wall with the turquoise to match the bedding. I love the color ~ subtle, but beautiful!

And there is my little yard-sale chair in all its glory! So much comfiness for so few buckaroos!!

The tissue pom-poms were made by my mom and add a punch of color to the whit wall. I had another moment of inspiration for the canvases, which I had fun creating! 

So there it is...Hadasssah's palace!! I hope to add a few things here and there but for now I'm happy with our sweet little hang-out. If you want to see it in person, we'd love to have you stop by! 

:: Check back later in the week for a giveaway I'll be hosting!! ::

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stationery card

Park Avenue Birth Announcement
Shutterfly has cute birth announcements and Valentine's cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

World View Wednesday ~ Belize!

I guess you could say I have a heart for missions. Seeing God at work all across the globe gets me excited!! So I wanted to feature different missions/people on my blog that have been an inspiration to me. 

In August of 2008, Eddie & I had the privilege of flying to Belize, along with some church friends, to work with Nancy Marshall and The Deaf Ministry. It was an unforgettable experience! I don't know of many people who have more of a servant's heart and an untiring love for people than this woman of God! As a deaf person who had hearing at one point, Nancy is perfectly equipped to reach out to and mentor the many deaf children & youth in the surrounding areas. She helps teach the deaf in a nearby school, as well as leads the services at Jesus' Deaf Church.


Nancy has learned to depend on God for so many things and He has always been faithful to her! Her blog is full of inspiring stories and records the adventure of faith she is on with the church there. I would post more pictures of our trip, but they're all outdated by now so I guess you'll need to visit her blog instead!

Nancy, you are an inspiration to me in your commitment to the work God has called you to! It's beautiful to see God building the Deaf church in Belize. Never give up and you will reap an abundant harvest!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday ~ Fun Fall Craft

One of the benefits of being a SAH mom is having a little extra time to do fun crafty projects! [Well, that does depend on whether baby is happy or not, but naps are a perfect time to fit these in (=] The other week I was inspired to decorate for fall and came up with a simple garland that cost me $0!!! And it's ridiculously easy to make, which is important for this not-so-detailed girl!

You need some autumn-colored cardstock, patterned paper and white paper, along with ribbon [or twine, which I used] and clothespins. I got the pumpkins at Michael's last year. You could buy them using the 40% off coupons they offer every few weeks.

Cut your solid-colored cardstock to the finished size and then glue a slightly smaller piece of the patterned paper onto it. I added an even smaller piece of white paper and wrote my letter onto this. If you don't like writing, you could use a stencil or sticker instead. All you need to do now is hang your ribbon/twine, pin on the letters and attach the pumpkins!

This would also work great on a mantle and could be made to any size you choose!

Now I'd love to hear about your fall decoration inspiration!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I occasionally find myself in the mood to leisurely browse through a thrift store and look for "treasures"! Even though I've had the urge to do that lately, it just hadn't happened. It always seemed that by the time I'd get there, Hadassah would be DONE with shopping & the car seat. And a relaxing trip becomes quite exhausting with a screaming baby! So when my mom came down to see us last weekend, I knew it was the perfect time to do some thrifting! [She was more than happy to baby sit!]

We stopped at Goodwill and what did I find but a cheese cloche!!! Oh happy day. I'd been wanting one, but didn't want to spend for it, and this one only cost me.....$1.95!!!! I'm not kidding. That's what I call a BARGAIN! (; So here it is, with some fall pumpkins I spray-painted as the decor.

In all its glory on my table!

I bought another item there that I am hoping to makeover sometime very soon, so check back for details! Enjoy your day!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fashion

If you know me well at all, you know I am obsessed with love clothes and fashion! Hence, this blog is a perfect outlet for my "fashion passion"! This time of year, we start putting away the flip flops, (which makes some people really resentful) and dig out our shoes and boots. There is a style that perfectly combines the two, which I must have adore!! The bootine is available at lots of different stores, but Payless has one that I love.

Isn't it gorgeous?! Even's on SALE right now. Ahhh I want one!!!

So tell me what your favorite shoe/boot is! I'm all ears (=

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Musings - When God Ran

The story of the prodigal son has always touched me in a deep way, especially since it reveals the incredible heart of love our Father has for His children. I have always struggled to really believe this in my heart, even though I know it to be true in my head. But it's especially hard to accept when I've sinned or just feel distant from God. The song "When God Ran", by Phillips, Craig & Dean, has long been a favorite of mine. It captures the essence of this story beautifully and blesses me every time I hear it, so I wanted to share it with you! No matter where you are today, your Father knows and He loves you. Run into His arms!

Almighty God, the great I am
Immovable rock, omnipotent, powerful, awesome Lord
Victorious warrior, commanding King of Kings
Mighty conqueror, and the only time
the only time I ever saw Him run

Was when He ran to me, He took me in His arms
Held my head to His chest, said “My son’s come home again”
Lifted my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice He said,
“Son do you know I still love you?”
He caught me by surprise when God ran

The day I left home I knew I’d broken His heart
And I wondered then if things could ever be the same
Then one night I remembered His love for me
And down that dusty road ahead I could see
It was the only time – it was the only time I ever saw Him run

And then He ran to me, He took me in His arms
Held my head to His chest, said “My son’s come home again”
Lifted my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice He said,
“Son do you know I still love you?”
He caught me by surprise as He brought me to my knees
When God ran – I saw Him run to me

I was so ashamed, all alone and so far away
But now I know He’s been waiting for this day

I saw Him run to me, He took me in His arms Held my head to His chest, said “My son’s come home again”
Lifted my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice I felt His love for me again

He ran to me, He took me in His arms
Held my head to His chest, said “My son’s come home again”
Lifted my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice He said, “Son”, He called me Son
He said, “Son do you know I still love you?”
He ran to me and then I ran to Him
When God ran

Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby News!!!

We are the proud parents of a little girl ~ Hadassah Jo!! She was born on her due date and weighed 6 lbs and 12 oz.

She stole her daddy's heart from the moment she was born! He can hardly wait to get home to see "his two girls". [Yes, I have competition!] Almost everyone says she looks like her papa. What do you think?

I love being a mommy!! But  it still doesn't seem real that this precious baby is my daughter!!! Except, of course, when she wakes me up in the middle of the night. Then there's not much of a question! ha It's a challenging stage - this newborn phase - but I'm trying to soak up every moment because I know it won't last long. I love her tiny fingers and toes, the little grunts she makes when she's sleeping and the rare smiles we get.

This gift of life ~ it's a miracle! She makes us a family and completes us in a way I couldn't imagine. We love you, Hadassah!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That Little Ole' Chair

If you've done any shopping for nursery furniture, you know just how pricey it can be! I wasn't interested in spending top dollar for any of the furniture I got, so I scoped out the all-amazing Craigslist. I found a beautiful crib and changer for very reasonable prices. [sigh of relief!] But, finding a rocker was a whole different ball game. I looked and looked and looked but all I came across were the faded, flowery types which wasn't exactly what I had in mind. There were a few glider rockers but those don't always work well for little people like me in a room the size I'm working with!

One day, at a yard sale - what WOULD we do without those?! - I came across this little rocking chair and it fit me PERFECTLY! I fell in love. And to sweeten the deal, it was only $8!!! Seriously.

It needed some TLC, for those stains around the bottom and arms. So I went to work with Carbona 2 in 1 Oxy-Powered Carpet Cleaner. It worked its magic and voila! I have me a rocker!!! How's THAT for frugal? (=

I'll be stopping by soon with more pictures. Have a blessed day!!

Mooovin' In!!!!

I can't belive it! I'm breaking down and starting a BLOG. You know, like everyone else is doing??? Ha I've thought about it alot but wasn't sure I have enough creative energy to keep it going. But with a baby on the way, there should never be a lack of things to post about, right? Ahem. That remains to be seen!

First off, this is a great way for me to share about my life as a farmer's wife! That's him in the picture and he is so very busy in the fields that I'm praying this baby will wait to come for another 2 weeks. I know, sounds crazy!!! But I feel amazing and would love to know that most of his fieldwork is done. But I'm letting it in God's hands; He has the day in mind and His timing is always perfect. [At least, I'm trying to belive that!]

Looking forward to sharing all about the nursery progress and hopefully some baby pics before long!!