Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nursery Reveal!

My baby is 10 1/2 weeks old, so I think it's about time to give you a peek into her nursery! This room was originally designed to be a sewing room so it's not too big...just the perfect size for baby & mommy! But it is a little bit tricky to take pictures with the tight angles, so please forgive the crookedness.

Since we didn't find out baby's gender, I needed a neutral room and the colors I envisioned were turquoise and coral. After hours of searching online - and almost giving up - I found the one!!! [Please tell me I'm not the only one who is so obsessed with that image I create in my head!] But it was worth the wait!
The colors were exactly what I had in mind. Don't tell me God doesn't care about the little things!

We decided to just paint the inset wall with the turquoise to match the bedding. I love the color ~ subtle, but beautiful!

And there is my little yard-sale chair in all its glory! So much comfiness for so few buckaroos!!

The tissue pom-poms were made by my mom and add a punch of color to the whit wall. I had another moment of inspiration for the canvases, which I had fun creating! 

So there it is...Hadasssah's palace!! I hope to add a few things here and there but for now I'm happy with our sweet little hang-out. If you want to see it in person, we'd love to have you stop by! 

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stationery card

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

World View Wednesday ~ Belize!

I guess you could say I have a heart for missions. Seeing God at work all across the globe gets me excited!! So I wanted to feature different missions/people on my blog that have been an inspiration to me. 

In August of 2008, Eddie & I had the privilege of flying to Belize, along with some church friends, to work with Nancy Marshall and The Deaf Ministry. It was an unforgettable experience! I don't know of many people who have more of a servant's heart and an untiring love for people than this woman of God! As a deaf person who had hearing at one point, Nancy is perfectly equipped to reach out to and mentor the many deaf children & youth in the surrounding areas. She helps teach the deaf in a nearby school, as well as leads the services at Jesus' Deaf Church.


Nancy has learned to depend on God for so many things and He has always been faithful to her! Her blog http://www.jesus-deafchurch.blogspot.com/ is full of inspiring stories and records the adventure of faith she is on with the church there. I would post more pictures of our trip, but they're all outdated by now so I guess you'll need to visit her blog instead!

Nancy, you are an inspiration to me in your commitment to the work God has called you to! It's beautiful to see God building the Deaf church in Belize. Never give up and you will reap an abundant harvest!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday ~ Fun Fall Craft

One of the benefits of being a SAH mom is having a little extra time to do fun crafty projects! [Well, that does depend on whether baby is happy or not, but naps are a perfect time to fit these in (=] The other week I was inspired to decorate for fall and came up with a simple garland that cost me $0!!! And it's ridiculously easy to make, which is important for this not-so-detailed girl!

You need some autumn-colored cardstock, patterned paper and white paper, along with ribbon [or twine, which I used] and clothespins. I got the pumpkins at Michael's last year. You could buy them using the 40% off coupons they offer every few weeks.

Cut your solid-colored cardstock to the finished size and then glue a slightly smaller piece of the patterned paper onto it. I added an even smaller piece of white paper and wrote my letter onto this. If you don't like writing, you could use a stencil or sticker instead. All you need to do now is hang your ribbon/twine, pin on the letters and attach the pumpkins!

This would also work great on a mantle and could be made to any size you choose!

Now I'd love to hear about your fall decoration inspiration!