Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY: Striped Table Runner

I'm one of those people that goes in spurts when it comes to creating things. I have moods, and schedules, and those have to collide before I get the things done that are in my head! I've been adding pops of a coral color in my living room, to accent the turquoise and brown. The neutrals are soothing, but sometimes a girl has got to have some color in her life! I was so over the tan burlap that I'd used as a runner for the coffee table, and wanted some stripes, so I pulled out more burlap...this time in white!

I found some leftover paint from the nursery projects I've done, and mixed in some white paint I had on hand. I found an old magazine to lay under the burlap, since it has an open weave and some paint would seep through. After measuring the width of the runner, I taped off the area I wanted to paint and then I got to work!

With the rough texture, I wasn't sure how easily the paint would apply, but it was a fairly smooth process. I was so giddy to see my completed project, I barely waited til the paint was dry before pulling off the tape! ha.

Isn't it purdy??!! And still drying. Ahem. But who cares?

You know that moment when the vision in your head becomes reality? And actually looks almost like you bought it in the store? {my opinion, of course!} Ahh, yes. I love it!!! Now I'm itching to whip up some new pillow covers...

Stay cool in this heat, my friends!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

World-View Wednesday: Sadie Rose Foundation 5k

As you can see, I'm a day behind; I just wanted to clear that up before you wonder why I'm posting for Wednesday on a Thursday! This week has been so busy; with VBS at church, packing for a trip to Indiana and taking care of a teething baby. But I wanted to share a few pics of the 5k I participated in last Saturday, along with several friends.

The Sadie Rose Foundation was started by Regina Harlow, after she lost her daughter, Sadie Rose, 17 hours after she was born. The heart of this ministry is to reach out to grieving families who've experienced similar loss. I love seeing how Regina is allowing God to use her to touch the lives of others that are hurting! When I heard that they were having a 5k, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. But I thought that my friend, Krista {who lost her sweet son,Truman, 3 months ago} would appreciate the experience even more, so I asked her if she'd join me...and she said she would!

Then I invited a few more friends, and Team Truman was formed! Pictured L to R: Jessica, Krista, Rachel, me, Christy, Sheila, Karana, Amy & Polly. It was a fun day, but bittersweet as we remembered and honored Truman's short life.

We wrote "Team Truman" on the back of our t-shirts, so we attempted a picture to show this. As you can see, you can't see it! ha. Oh well...

It was fun to run this with 2 other mommies: one of them, with a 3 week old baby! Go Amy!!

We all walked/jogged/ran the 3.1 miles and it was just a bit challenging. The information about the walk mentioned "rolling hills in Dayton", and it was most definitely that! Yeah, like maybe I didn't run at all on the one. It was a test of endurance! (= As I saw other people running way ahead of me, I decided the point is not so much how fast you run, but just that you do it!!!

Hadassah & I completed the race in 34 minutes! It was wonderful to reach the finish line (= I was so grateful to be a part of this event, and hope that many more hearts can find comfort in the support this ministry offers.

Bless you all!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Cake Ball Conquest

I've heard so many drool-worthy reviews about these cake babies, 
but have had no luck at getting an invitation to a wedding where they were served. 
{I know, I've been cheated}
After I scheduled a spa party with my friend Andrea, 
I was thinking about food I wanted to serve and the words "cake balls" did a chant in my brain.
You know how necessary it is to make fun little appetizers that nobody else in your neighborhood has made before! haha
So I decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns, and just make some!
In case you are wondering, 
I am no Rachael Ray, nor shall I ever be. 
If I can make them, you have no excuse not to try!!!

Here's a step-by-step of the process I used in case you're interested! 

I made a cake, from scratch, and while it was cooling, I mixed up a half batch of icing. 
The recipes I looked at called for box cake mixes and bought tubs of icing.
You can use that, if you keep them on hand.
Since I didn't have them {and am such a do-it-from-scratch Mennonite at times!}
I made them myself. 
My SIL, Polly, just happened to stop in at the house while this was in progress, 
so I called on her expertise to crumble the cake, mix in the icing and shape it into balls.
She used a cookie scoop, which made them all uniform in size.
She's smart like that!
I melted some white chocolate wafers and we dipped the one end
of the stick into the melted chocolate and pushed it into the cake balls.
The hardened chocolate helps hold the stick in place.

Next, place the cake balls in the freezer until firm.
This is important!
We tried to dip some before they were frozen, and they just wanted to fall apart. 
It was a dream to coat them when they were solid!
I just rolled them from side to side, until the surface was covered.
Then I allowed the excess chocolate to run off before placing them in a strainer,
where they hardened.

I added some food coloring {gasp!} to the leftover chocolate
and drizzled that on the top.
I'd love to get more creative with this, if I ever make these again,
and maybe write initials or draw flowers.
It was so fun to add the finishing touches on them!

I found my stash of old white apothecary jars, and clustered the cake balls in them.
Then I smiled.
And snapped pictures.
I was so happy with the results!!!
I ended up with at least 35 cake balls, using a regular cake recipe.
Seriously, make them.
They are soooo deliciously moist and just fun to eat!

I also made cucumber cups, filled with chicken salad.
My husband loved how refreshing they were. 
{He sampled the food even though he wasn't participating in the spa!}
To make these, you just cut wedges of cucumber, and hollow out the insides with a melon scoop.
Fill with your favorite salad and sprinkle a little dill on the top.

A party is complete with a cheese ball, right? 
I think so!

So now I want to know, what are your favorite party foods? 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saving the Sisterhood

My sister, Freda [otherwise known as "Fredi"] and I were born 18 months apart.
Being so close in age, we both fought and defended each other fiercely.
We were best of friends and sometimes worst of enemies!

We did what sisters do: talked and laughed, shopped and traveled together.
We fell in love and then got married. 
With 3 hours between us, 
the time we spend together - just the two of us - is rare and precious!

So I was super excited when Fredi called to say she was coming down to spend the day
 with Hadassah & I! 
The biggest problem? 
Trying to fit everything we wanted to do in one day!!
It wasn't easy, let me tell you.

Downtown Harrisonburg is one of my favorite places!
The history and quaint stops complete me.
And I knew she would love Court Square as much as I do.

We stopped at one of my favorite restaurants, the Union Station Restaurant.
Their candied pecan salad is unbelievable! 
It's my favorite thing on the menu, hands down. 
If you haven't tried it yet,

Finally, I get a picture of my baby and me...
and she won't look at the camera!!!

Hadassah was in such a great mood, 
lucky for us...
because we love taking pictures! 
{Even if it means getting a complete stranger on his smoke break to take them! haha}

Watching my sister interact with Hadassah 
is priceless.
It is so important to me that my family is a part of her life,
whether they live next door or in the next state!

Note to self:
Always pack plenty of extra weather-appropriate clothes for the baby.
If you don't, that will be the day they have a blow-out
and their legs will freeze because 
all you have along is a short jean skirt!!

We laughed.
We talked non-stop.
We shopped.

It was the best day ever!!
She gets me like no one else can
and makes me laugh.
Saving the sisterhood, indeed.

I love you, Fredi!