Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY: Striped Table Runner

I'm one of those people that goes in spurts when it comes to creating things. I have moods, and schedules, and those have to collide before I get the things done that are in my head! I've been adding pops of a coral color in my living room, to accent the turquoise and brown. The neutrals are soothing, but sometimes a girl has got to have some color in her life! I was so over the tan burlap that I'd used as a runner for the coffee table, and wanted some stripes, so I pulled out more burlap...this time in white!

I found some leftover paint from the nursery projects I've done, and mixed in some white paint I had on hand. I found an old magazine to lay under the burlap, since it has an open weave and some paint would seep through. After measuring the width of the runner, I taped off the area I wanted to paint and then I got to work!

With the rough texture, I wasn't sure how easily the paint would apply, but it was a fairly smooth process. I was so giddy to see my completed project, I barely waited til the paint was dry before pulling off the tape! ha.

Isn't it purdy??!! And still drying. Ahem. But who cares?

You know that moment when the vision in your head becomes reality? And actually looks almost like you bought it in the store? {my opinion, of course!} Ahh, yes. I love it!!! Now I'm itching to whip up some new pillow covers...

Stay cool in this heat, my friends!

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  1. looking good! lets make pillows at our next get-together! =)