Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catchin' Up

Like so many of you, my "normal" was turned upside down temporarily when the storm came through a week ago! With my internet down for days, a holiday, and sickness, I haven't kept up with blogging. Alot has been happening, in my heart and in my life...so I thought I'd fill you in!

Mulling over: Time. The preciousness of it. And how often I get into the trap of "busyness". I'm being challenged to ask if this is something God wants me to do, before I just say "yes"! Anyone else out there in the same shoes?

Reflecting on: Family. The legacy we leave behind us. This was {unfortunately} the best picture we had of the three of us with Eddie's granddad. We woke Hadassah from a nap to take it, because we don't know when, if ever, we'll be with him again this side of heaven. His life has had such an impact on Eddie, on me and now, our children. The fact that I am now a parent, and building a legacy for my daughter, is truly humbling. The choices I make today will affect her years from now! Wow. 


Pinterest inspiration: Chocolate zucchini brownies! Mmmm. They remind me of Texas sheet cake. And they have veggies in them...a whole 2 cups!!! That's my kind of bakin'!

Appreciating: My husband! He was away this weekend on a bachelor trip, and I realized, in a new way, just how much he means to me. Why is it so easy to take the best things in life for granted?!

Eating: Lots of fresh fruit and veggies! And loving it. When is being healthy so easy? {Which reminds me...I have a bag of bing cherries waiting for me in the fridge. *happy smile*}

Loving: being a mommy to this sweet little girl! {most days, anyway!} She's 9 months going on 2 years, and life is anything but dull with her. She took her first steps on Sunday, to her Aunt Edie, not her mother...of course! But did I mention that she was bribed with some yummy food? Time will tell if she's serious about this whole walking thing!

Reading: this book in preparation for our mission trip to Jamaica in 3 weeks. Eeeek!!! And I'm getting excited about what God will do...in my heart, and in our youth group!

So that's what's happening in my life; tell me what's going on in yours!!!

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  1. I just wrote a blog post about my latest adventures. :) Instead of summarizing, I'll just give you the link:


    Plus, I'm going to be a small group leader at a youth conference in 3 weeks. Have fun in Jamaica!