Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Times of Refreshing

The relentless sunshine beat down mercilessly on a parched earth.
Vibrant green grass faded to a dull brown.
Once promising fields of waving corn stood stunted, with leaves curled in hopes of a drop of rain.
As I looked at the signs of drought all around, my heart sank.
I felt helpless to do anything but pray for a miracle.
Pray for rain.

And then it came!
A downpour of beautiful water that washed away the dust and brought with a promise of life.
I watched it through the window.
I stood on the porch and just breathed in the fragrance of it.
Amazing how such an ordinary thing is a miracle when you have been without it,
and have no way to get it!

After the storm passed, I walked outside and am convinced that the earth was smiling.
The cornfields stood proudly, with open leaves.
The flowers lifted sparkling faces to their Maker.

The herbs released a new earthy fragrance, 
while rain glistened on the leaves of the rosebush.
There was new beauty all around me! 
Amazing what a little rain can do...

Sometimes my soul feels dry and parched.
I long for something, but can't seem to find what I desire.
I need the rain.
The river of Life.

This beautiful verse in Acts 3:19 has been on my heart:
"Therefore repent and turn back, so that your sins may be wiped out,
that seasons of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord."
And He always honors the heart that seeks Him.
He comes with refreshing rain, truth that washes my soul and restores my mind.
Thank God, times in the desert don't last forever!

Praying that you experience His refreshing rain this weekend!

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