Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favorites

Just because it's Friday,
and spring is officially here:
I wanted to share some of the little things that made my day!

:: spring blossoms against a startling blue sky ::

:: curious calves ::

:: finally, it's warm enough to dry clothes on the line! ::

:: my willing little helper ::

:: artwork that is ready to ship to a customer ::

: this chevron fabric that I love, ready to be put to use ::

:: my toddler's creativity in amusing herself! ::

:: freshly baked homemade bread ::

:: the joy of a precious newborn :: 

And, my parents and brother are on their way to spend the next few days with us!!!
Happy weekend everybody...
and don't forget to savor the little things!


  1. Lots of good things! Your bread looks like a triumph!!

  2. I made a pillow out of that blue chevron fabric!! And loved it so much I went back to Hobby Lobby and got green for my guest room curtains. =)

    1. That's so cool, Laura! My mom made me pillow covers as well :) The fabric is fabulous!!! Now if only we had a Hobby Lobby in Harrisonburg...