Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Butterfly Birthday Party

Hadassah had her second birthday two weeks ago,
and was it ever a fun celebration!!

She woke up from a nap to a wonderful birthday surprise; her first-ever horsie ride with Aunt Kyra!
Can you see how thrilled she is?!

I may be biased, but I think she has the coolest aunties & uncles ever!
Let's not forget the grandpas & grandmas too!!

Is this not a dream come true for most little girls?
I almost wish I could be two again...almost!

I was glad to see that we got a family photo and everyone in it looks reasonably happy.

I decided to go with a butterfly theme, since she's been fascinated with them this summer.
To add interest, I cut out butterfly shapes from red & turquoise cardstock and glued them to fishing line,
which I hung from the chandelier I upcycled from her 1st birthday party!

Red grape kabobs were a win/win, since they are a favorite of the little lady and gave a pop of color!
We added blue kool-aid to lemonade, and it turned into a lovely shade of turquoise!! 

My sweet sister made some delicious strawberry cupcakes for us when Nicholas was born, and I knew they would be perfect for a birthday party. 

I made a buttercream icing {my favorite!} and then broke yogurt-covered pretzels in half to make the butterfly wings, with red licorice as antenna. How cute are they?!

An old red chair {that is still waiting to be recovered!} served as the perfect spot for the gifts.
And I painted a sign thanking the guests for "fluttering by"!

Hadassah had a blast opening up presents and enjoying them with her little friends!

There were plenty of hugs to go around!!

 They all had fun playing with her new kitchen!

And Grandpa got her the fun headband :)
She's two...going on 16! At least, that's what she's been saying she is.
And when she was asked what she wanted for her birthday, her response was "a car!!"
Now, she says she's "three bunny ears!"
We're slowly getting closer to the actual age;
hopefully she'll get it figured out by the time she turns 3!

She's turned our worlds upside-down
and given us so much to laugh about!
We love you, Hadassah Jo...
Happy birthday!!!


  1. She is such a beautiful little girl! Two is a super fun stage, but three is even better so maybe Hadassah is onto something. :) And her birthday party is darling! So fun and different from most of the girly girl stuff, yet still so girl. I've always loved butterflies!

  2. Thanks, Michelle!! I agree...I think we'll enjoy 3 even more :)