Thursday, November 7, 2013

Of the Changing of Seasons

Every year, the glory of autumn takes my breath away.
There is so much beauty I hardly know where to look!

Summer "leaves" in a blaze of glory! 
Cheesy, huh? Sorry, can't help it!

And with the cooler temps, I find my energy directed from the outdoors to the indoors.

There are woodland mantles to be styled...complete with the antlers of a deer my hubby killed. {which I had banned from the living room for years. hey, a girl's allowed to change her mind, right?!}

There are also two canvases I painted one afternoon when I was feeling particularly festive. Love 'em!
The mini pumpkins are gourds from my favorite produce stand.

White pumpkins add a perfect autumn touch to any room.

Stacked pumpkins are the star of my table...
Aren't they fun?

These pumpkins and gourds found their happy place on my porch. Yay for outdoor decor!

I feel like I could live in a world of autumn.
What's not to love about vibrant colors, crisp air & golden light?

Creation virtually shouts the glory of its Creator!  
And something inside of me rebels at the thought of brown leaves, barren trees and frozen ground.

But life is all about the changing of seasons, is it not?
The same God Who created the splendor of fall also created the quiet rest of winter.
And in it's own way, it is also beautiful.
{Somebody remind me of that in February! ha}
I want to embrace each season, of the year, and of my life.
I was discussing the joys & challenges of being a mommy with some friends this weekend,
and when I told them that I don't have a desire to go back to working
since I have my babies,
they smiled!
They remembered how worried I was that I would dislike my new role and feel imprisoned by it.
But this season has it's own special beauty!
I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
I am drinking in the last golden rays, the vibrant colors and the blue skies
of autumn.
But when winter arrives, I want to embrace that as well for what it was created for:
a season of rest.

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