Saturday, March 8, 2014

NYC Getaway: Part II

I'm finally getting 'round to Part II of our fun NYC getaway!
[If you missed Part I, click here.]
Sunday was unforgettable, starting with a beautiful service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle,
and ending at The Lion King show in Broadway!
Both were inspiring, in totally different ways of course.
Monday was more of a sightseeing day for us.
We walked...and walked...and walked!
A word to the wise: if you don't know exactly where you're going, 
that's probably where you will end up! [Ask me how I know]
We were looking for a sweet little spot for brunch,
and we stumbled into this place around noon, quite famished.

Ferrara's is known for their sweets, 
but they had an assortment of delicious brunch foods as well.
We chose the eggs & bacon with feta on a crescent roll. Yumm!
Since we'd snacked on cannolis from a street vendor, we didn't have an appetite for any pastries.
So sad...

We headed next to Ground Zero,
and saw lots of interesting old buildings along the way.

Ladder Co 10

The Christmas tree at the fire station, covered with memorabilia from the fallen firefighters.

We waited in line for a few minutes, and then we were informed that they were sold out of tickets to Ground Zero. Really??!! 
It was so disappointing that a site of national importance
would sell out of tickets and people would miss the chance to pay their respects.
Just another reason for us to visit again!

We walked from there to Battery Park and took the ferry across the river to Staten Island.
The ride is free, but there is a mob [literally] of people that board it.
 It was a 30 min ride one way and gave us a chance to relax after all that walking!

The NYC skyline was stunning!

We shivered as we crowded on the deck of the boat,
waiting for the Statue of Liberty to come into sight.
I thought about all the immigrants that came to Ellis Island for the first time
and the emotion they must have felt when they first caught a glimpse of this statue.

It hadn't occurred to me when boarding the ferry that we would be able to watch the sun set behind
the Statue of Liberty.
Happy surprise!!

As the sun set, the lights came on and twinkled over the water.

We couldn't have planned this better if we'd tried!
The sunset was glorious.

Lady Liberty, how beautiful you are.

The view of the city at night was pretty special too!

And yup, another tourist shot in front of the Christmas ornaments!

Coolest [and biggest] ornaments ever!

Radio City and some Christmas tree love

When we pulled the curtains back in our room, this was our view!
I could have sit at that window all. night. long.
Of course, I didn't.

And one last shot of the city in the morning...

If you've never visited NYC at Christmas, it is worth the trip!
Don't forget to see a Broadway Show while you're there :)

What are your favorite sites in the city?

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  1. I visited NYC this summer, so it was fun to see your photos and reminisce.