Saturday, February 21, 2015

10 Things I Learned in January

Yes, it's almost the end of February, and yes, I'm just now writing a post about what I learned in January. Maybe "not to procrastinate" will be on my February list but I'm not making any promises! I feel like I was in a funk for the last month and just couldn't find anything worth writing. Today, I was inspired. So I wrote.

1. Black bean brownies are edible, but they just don't taste like the real thing. I joined a friend in a "sugar fast" for the month of January, and that pushed me to make some changes in our diet, and find healthy alternatives for my sweet cravings. My husband really liked the black bean brownies with milk, but I wasn't crazy about them! Spinach berry smoothies were one of my go-to foods. Serious yum!

  2. IKEA is still one of my favorite places to shop at. I love that we've made it a yearly tradition. It's quite obvious when I see my bill. (gulp) And getting to find places to put all my treasures?

3. Old barn wood has so many fun uses! My Dad salvaged this piece for me and I used it to make an inspiration board. The best part is getting to change it up whenever the mood strikes!

4. Nothing beats the taste of fresh sausage and bacon. 

5. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is just letting them know that you care, and that you are praying for them. 

6. Bath fizzies can turn the worst day into the best. My friend and I bought some at this adorable shop in Savannah, and they will change your life. Or your day. Or both!

7. Ballerina classes were one of the most precious things I've ever seen. Hands down. And my little ballerina's enthusiasm was contagious. She LOVED it!

8. January can actually be one of the most insane months of the year. This one was! 

9. Feeding baby calves is a form of entertainment when you live on a farm. 

10. No matter how difficult and painful life can be, I know that God has a plan. And that plan is GOOD.

What did you learn in January?

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