Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Skid-loader Birthday!

This little guy turned 2 last month!
He is full of energy, very determined and can communicate almost as well as his sister!
{For some reason, I thought little boys didn't talk much. He didn't get that memo!}

He is ALL boy, and getting to ride the tractor, four wheeler or skid loader 
pretty much makes his day. 
But for the moment, the skid loader is his favorite.
So it was easy to decide on a theme!

Oreo cookies make a wonderful dirt pile!

He doesn't look impressed, but trust me, he was.

We had burgers on the grill with toppings...man food.

At one week old, baby Liam was the guest of honor!

Sneaking in a kiss 

She calls herself a "sister-cousin". Pretty much the cutest thing ever!

He snuck some food off of Papa's plate. 

Those baby blues!

The kiddos are always up for a party!

This kid loves to swing...so much, in fact, that I almost hate starting because he doesn't see the need to stop!

Blowing out the candles is a pretty big deal, at least in his sister's mind! 

Make a wish!

He has a major sweet tooth, just like his parents :)

A wagon from Auntie Jess & Uncle Craig

Part of her sisterly role is helping to open presents.
It's an important job!

His gift from Mommy & Papa...wait for it...a skid loader!

It's a prized possession indeed.

There was ball playing with Papa

and running through the sprinklers that his friend Makayla gave at dusk!
It was a fitting celebration for our little guy.

We love you, Nicholas Edward!

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