Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nicholas Turns 3!

This little guy had a birthday a few weeks ago,
and I think I'm still in disbelief that my baby is 3!!!

His birthday landed on Bible school week, and I felt bad that we couldn't have a party with his friends because of that. But he didn't seem to notice!

He helped me make the icing for his birthday cake. It had to be blue, of course!

Grandpa & Grandma celebrated his birthday the day before when we were in PA
and they gave him a tool set. 
He was so proud of that gift, and he wanted those tools on his cake!

It may be the plainest birthday cake a child has ever had,
but he was happy!

Papa bought him his gift, so it wasn't wrapped.
He was told not to peek,
but I think he may have just a little! :)

He was so happy with the farming toys he got!
Honestly, I think Papa had as much fun buying and giving him the gift as Nicholas had in getting it!

                           A few days later, we were at the river with the Showalter family, 
                               and they celebrated his birthday, along with several others.
He was quite pleased that he had 3 birthday "parties"!
I shouldn't have worried about him missing out :) 

Nicholas is our busy little guy,
and loves to help!
Working with Papa is his very favorite, and he often gets to ride the tractors
and "fee-wheelers" as he calls them!

He was so pleased about this bowl of mint tea that he cut all by himself!
(And I can't get over how different he looks with long hair on this picture!)

At the beginning of summer, he didn't like the water at all.
But after Papa spent some time swimming with him, he started to love it!

 He's fearless, and you'll often find him jumping off the diving board!

He adores his sister, but he's often the one to get them in trouble!

He keeps us laughing with his crazy sense of humor! 

He loves the outdoors, playing with his friends
and riding tractors.
He's determined, and tender-hearted, and we couldn't love him more!
   Happy 3rd birthday to our Nicholas Edward! 

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