Monday, November 21, 2016

Woodland Glam Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and I wanted to share this tablescape that I created for the meal I'll be hosting here for Eddie's family!
This season is a wonderful time to reflect on the gifts we've been given.
Sharing a meal together with the people we love
is one of the best ways to celebrate.

For me, creating the tablescape is almost as much fun as eating the turkey and pumpkin pie!
(And that's saying something, because I sure am looking forward to Mom's pie this weekend!)

I used this gorgeous platter that I got from - wait for it - the Embellish sisters!
The candlesticks come from them, too.
Basically all my favorite decor comes from them...and Hobby Lobby! :)

This succulent pumpkin, which I mentioned in my fall home tour,
was the foundation for the whole tablescape!
I love the woodland element it brings, 
along with the acorns I collected and some leaves from a bush in the backyard.
Foraging is therapeutic for me, and I love incorporating what I have outside into my home.

The square plates, napkins and rings were gifted from Pier 1 a few years ago,
and the round plates were thrifted from Goodwill.
I love white on white, especially when they are different shapes.

I baked our favorite sourdough bread recipe in these tiny bowls,
and they turned out to be the perfect size.

Add some leaves, and a simple white name tag made out of cardstock,
and your place setting is complete! 

Hadassah was so excited to help me with this project, and she did a wonderful job
setting out the plates. She helped a little with the styling, too.
It's so fun watching her develop an eye for beauty!

But beyond all the preparations, the turkey, and even the family,
I want to cultivate a spirit of thanks giving:
not just for this week, but every day of the year.

On Sunday, our pastor shared this quote that spoke so powerfully to me:
"God multiplies His kingdom
through gratitude and generosity."

May His kingdom be multiplied through me and my home.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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