Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY Moss Topiary

Happy Monday to you! Is anyone else out there besides me just loving this weather??!! Bye, bye winter. Hello, SPRING!!! To celebrate, I decided to create something I've coveted admired for quite some time. Moss + Topiary = happiness. I had the perfect pot to "plant" it in, so all that was needed was a round foam ball, sheets of moss and some potting greenery. Off to Michael's I went, coupons in hand. Love that place! And 40% off coupons.

Begin by stuffing a bag of the "curly" moss into a flower pot. [Sorry, I don't know the official name.]

Now go outside [you wanted an excuse!] and find a small stick. Push it into the moss as well as the foam until secure.

It's time to pull out the hot glue gun!! I put the glue onto the ball, then fitted the sheets of moss over that. It was a bit tricky getting the glue to stick, so you'll need plenty! Keep adding moss until the ball is covered. 

And that, my friends, is a moss topiary!! So simple. So fresh. I'm pairing it with some old books, live greenery and my cheese cloche full of corks. The greens are calming and perfect for springtime decor. Now, I need to finish up another project that I started last week. [Yes, I got sidetracked (=] I'll be sharing it soon!!  Now go enjoy what's left of a beautiful Monday evening! Or visit Michael's if you'd rather (=


  1. I've loved topiary's ever since doing them in craft class at school. This is a pretty twist.
    Good job. wish we could go to Michaels together, stop for coffee..or icecream and then wile away the rest of the day doing crafts!!!

    1. Ahh would I LOVE that!!! I miss you and our chats...can't wait to get together again. Maybe we'll have to make something when we do (=

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