Monday, April 9, 2012

Post-Easter Ramblings

Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus at Easter is a highlight of the year for me! 

Add to that the beauty of springtime, and you have something so spectacular it defies explanation.

The dogwood tree is captivating, not only for its beauty, but for its characteristics that can connect it to the cross.

Its petals have "bloodstains" and the center looks like a crown of thorns. Isn't that amazing??!!

This picture made me think of the hours when God turned away from Jesus on the cross, and darkness covered the earth. 
But death couldn't hold Him down; He rose from the dead and lives forever!!!

Hadassah got up early to eat celebrate her first Easter with a sunrise service! 

I did actually have shoes for her, but she's quite adept at kicking them off. 

I'm privileged to be a daughter of Jesus Christ,
and a mommy to this sweet little girl!

Praying that you experience the power of the Resurrection this week and always!!!

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