Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY: Rosette Wreath

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to create something from Pinterest. It is all too easy for me to pin all these wonderful creations, but never attempt to make one! Of course, the first one that caught my eye was probably the most time-consuming project of them all. Oh well, it was a lesson in perseverance...something I lack! 

First, I bought a small foam wreath at Michael's and covered it in some burlap that I had on hand.

The next step is making the rosettes - something I am mildly obsessed with - out of old sheet music. I didn't take pictures of the process since you can find a tutorial here. I got pretty creative with finding time to make these, since they aren't difficult but do take two hands! Sometimes it was while relaxing on the sofa with my husband in the evenings, or my favorite: during Hadassah's bathtime. [In case you're wondering - I sat beside the tub while I made them. Don't call social services!] 
Then the fun really begins, you can start to cover your wreath in these beauties!

Personally, I think this would look fabulous with just a few rosettes tucked in the corner, but I wanted to cover the surface.  You can also make a much fuller wreath and cover the sides as well. I'm just not that patient. 


I hung this on the mantle for a bit of contrast with some colorful art and a family photo at the beach. What do you think? Would you make it with just a few rosettes, like I did, or cover the thing whole, baby?? I like how it turned out!

Now I need to finish my next project, which I hope to reveal in about two weeks!!! Wish me patience :)

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  1. Way to get on those projects! i like the wreath full like it is!