Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Housecleaning 101

I was raised right. My momma taught me to houseclean. But some days, I wish she hadn't! Especially since I get this nagging feeling every spring that I haven't fulfilled my God-given duty as a wife until I scour every nook and cranny! Ha, mom.

Actually, my version of housecleaning is probably slightly different from every other wife's, but it works for me! With an active 8 month-old baby girl demanding my attention, I'm finding that I have to do things a bit differently than I have before. I used to be able to start cleaning a room...and finish it a few hours later. It was nice. Now, I start a room...and finish it a few days later. Seriously, that's so frustrating when you're a task-oriented person, but I'm learning it is okay. And, I'm happy to report that I've completed several rooms already! It's truly amazing how much you can accomplish when you break it down into small segments, and do a little each day. Or better yet, do it all in a week!

Here are the steps I take to houseclean a room:

1. Wipe down ceilings and walls with this handy-dandy duster/mop. I love that the handle can extend, especially since I'm a whopping 5' tall!

2. Wipe down all surfaces, starting with tops of cupboards and shelves. {Yes, I wrote in the dust on this shelf! For shame.} Its disturbing how quickly dirt accumulates! I feel justified in my endeavors just to get rid of this junk.

3. Clean out cupboards, wipe them and reorganize. I decided I didn't have any use for the stack of old dishrags that were piled in this cupboard, so I tossed them! I have been going through the house, and collecting things for the yardsale I hope to have as well.

4. Put your tired baby to bed. She really was a great sport while I did my job!

5. Pick some flowers and put them in a vase. Not only will your room look clean, but it will smell wonderful too!

6. Find some strawberries and cake and put them in a bowl. Prop up your feet and smile because you did your momma proud!!!


  1. girl I love it! you are amazing and I'm proud of you! miss you so much

  2. I hear you. It is hard to maintain a clean house with a kid on the side. But I’m glad that you’re still able to juggle all these with your super-cleaning skills! Some homemakers device a strategy to make the house-cleaning process easier. Depending on the schedule and activity, you can make a plan regarding what part of the house should be given the most attention and what should be given the least. Your plan seems to work for you. Good job!