Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My first Mother's Day

It was an absolutely memorable weekend for me, let me tell ya! It was my first Mother's Day!!!
 And in my mind, that makes it especially significant.
Firsts have always been a big deal to me: 
First car; first boyfriend; first only husband!; first anniversary; first baby, etc. 
You get the picture. 
So, as I thought about my first Mommy's day, I thought it would be perfect to have matching dresses with my sweet daughter!

Here's where my mom and MIL come in the picture.
I haven't sewn in a longgg time and have only basic skills. [if sewing cape dresses counts as a basic skill]
And patterns are Greek to me.
Thank God for Mothers!!
My dear mom whipped up Hadassah's dress,
and Eddie's mom cut out my dress and did a little sewing on it too.
They made my dream a reality!

It was a lot more work than I recalled!
It seemed like every spare minute I needed to get back to the sewing machine.
And I only did part of the work!!! Whew. So glad it's finished. 
There is a wonderful satisfaction, though, that comes from making something with your own hands!

The significance of the day hit me full force.
I am a mother.
I've always looked at other people and thought they possessed some special presence or ability to earn that term. And now I am one, and it so doesn't feel that way!
It just happens. 
And I have to say, it's the best thing that could have happened! [besides falling in love with my man]

And I got these.
Just because he loved me!
[and because I reminded him that Mother's Day is coming and it would be nice to get something! ha]
These symbolize true love and sacrifice to me, because he drove to Walmart at 11:00 Sat night to get them, before working another 3 hours to finish planting his corn!!
And here I was, thinking that nothing special would happen 
because those crops usually come first. 
Seriously, I melt every time I look at them!

There was a card with the flowers
and a "note" from Hadassah!
He took her little hand in his, and helped her write me a sweet little thank-you.
[Mom was watching and said it was the cutest thing!]
All I can say is: I love my family,
and I'm so thankful I've been given this gift:
the gift of motherhood.

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