Friday, February 7, 2014

New York City Getaway Part I

A few weeks ago,
Eddie took me to NYC
for an unforgettable two days!
It was my 30th birthday I will always treasure.

Seeing a Broadway Show has been on my bucket list for a long time.
And getting to experience that with my husband was a dream come true!

We chose to see the Lion King.
It was the most expensive choice, but it was worth every penny!


I worried a little that we would enjoy a musical,
but it was so much better than I imagined it to be!
The costumes, music & story line were all sensational.
It was unlike anything I've ever seen!

"There is simply nothing else like it!" Truth.
From the opening act, we were captivated!

I was actually here! Pinch me.
I'm already dreaming of going back to see another show!! 

Times Square is such a fascinating place, with the mobs of people and neon-lighted billboards flashing advertisements on skyscrapers.

There was so much noise, with constant traffic and the blaring of horns.
I don't think this city ever sleeps!

Dramatic color everywhere!

Roasted chestnuts.
Christmas lights.
Pretty cozy, huh?

An American Girl Doll Store!
Oh, the bliss.
Someday, we'll bring Hadassah here to choose a doll. Maybe I'll get one too.

Rockefeller Center was especially festive with all the lights!

A parade of angels with trumpets welcomed us at the entrance.

It had an absolutely magical feeling.

The Christmas tree was stunning!
Skating on The Rink was on my list,
until I saw that it cost $100/person.
But since that included hot chocolate & cookies, it was almost a good deal!

Here's our obvious tourist shot.
1) It's in front of the tree
2) A stranger's arm is in the photo
3) I look super giddy, because I am!

From there, we headed to The Rock.
The view was breathtaking!!!

The Empire State Building was a beautiful sight.

Seriously, I love the city best at night!
Can you see why?

And this was the view from our motel room...a perfect end to an amazing day!

In case you were wondering, this is what I wore!

Come back soon to see pics of the second part of our trip!! Happy weekend!

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