Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thanksgiving Art & Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving less than 3 weeks away, I wanted to share a simple art project that I created for the season.
It involves feathers, a piece of paper and a frame.
That's it!

I've been finding these gorgeous blue jay feathers in my yard,
and they inspired me to create some art.
I ended up using some feathers in neutral tones and just hot glued them to a sheet of white paper.
A patterned paper would add some fun to this,
but I decided I liked the look of crisp white.
I think it makes the feathers pop!

Then I added some lettering to finish it off, because I can.
Besides, I needed the reminder.
Especially this month, when I felt like I've been pushed to my limit.
When it feels like a constant struggle to just keep my head above water,
only to get hit with yet another wave.
And I wonder if it really is possible to give thanks in everything;
in the times of struggle, pain and disappointment.

As difficult as it can be to utter those two words,
I'm slowly learning that giving thanks is what pulls me out of that pit of self-pity.
It lifts my eyes to the One Who has not only saved me,
but continues to redeem every difficult and painful thing in my life.

So today I'm thankful for His patience in teaching me,
and for that piece of art on my wall to remind me,
in everything
Give thanks.


  1. I love your idea here! And I also wanted to say that I enjoyed your photos and article in the Daughters of Promise Nov/Dec issue. Lovely!