Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Home Tour

I've had so much fun decorating my home for fall this year!
I haven't always had the time - or taken the time - to put effort into giving it a festive feel.
But the longer I'm a SAH mommy, 
the more my home becomes my focus.
Creating a cozy, inviting environment is a goal of mine.
And rearranging things is an obsession,
so nothing stays in the same place very long (except furniture!)

One evening, the children and I went on a "treasure hunt" and found this lovely money plant.
I added a white pumpkin and some acorns for a simple vignette.

I loved Ann Voskamp's Thanksgiving tree and printed out these leaf templates from her website. 
Cut them out, punch a hole, and hang them on a branch with fishing line.
This is a great project for children to help with!

Each leaf is printed with a verse that relates to giving thanks,
so appropriate for any time of year,
but especially at Thanksgiving.

This little guy got a makeover with some gold metallic paint I had on hand.
So paint!
I sprayed the flower pot as well and painted a white stripe on the rim.
The succulents like it much better now :)
If you don't own gold spray paint, go get some! Best $3 investment ever!!

I found the gold "hello deer" print at Groopdealz a few weeks ago and clipped it to one of my husband's boards. I'm fancy like that.
The canvases were some I painted last year,
and the antlers?
My handsome hunter scored those and I decided they would work perfectly on the mantle!

Aren't white pumpkins fun?!
Their neutral tone fits in nearly any space.
And a furry pillow? Yes, please.

I am in love with animal print covers, especially this cow pattern.
You can get them here for less than 6 bucks, including shipping!
So fun!

This is our front porch!
That rocking chair is the best. I love me some front porch sittin'...

I have a problem with taking too many photos of the leaves.
So gorgeous!

This is my view from the side of the house.
Can we keep fall around til at least December?
I wouldn't complain a bit.

Thanks so much for "stopping by" our home!

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