Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Princess Tea Party

Hadassah turned 4 a few weeks ago,
and I wanted to celebrate this sweet stage of life in a special way.
She is our vibrant, artsy child,
and like so many little girls that age, she loves anything princess!
So it was fairly easy to decide on a birthday theme.

The weather cooperated beautifully with my plans for an outdoor tea party!

This sweet girl had the time of her life! Her mama had almost as much fun, I think :)

My dear friend, Karen made this dress and her two friends' dresses! {How talented is she?!}
Hadassah was elated that her skirt was a "twirly skirt", since dancing is her passion.


Since I'm not supermom, I cheated and bought the cupcakes and cookies from the grocery store!
They were just right for a tea party, and the girls didn't know the difference.

The darling little princesses

and their mommies!

I just love the pure joy on their faces! 

Of course, there was dancing!

:: Teeny-tiny everything ::


My bestie, Edith brought a child's tea set for them to use that was given to her as a child!
They loved it!


     I thought maybe Nicholas would sleep through it all,
but luckily for him, he woke up in time to get on the fun!


Real men have tea parties.
{I'll be sure to show him this picture when he's 16!}

When the day was over, and Hadassah and I were talking about her princess tea party,
she asked if she could have another party just like this one!
She is a child after my own heart.

Happy 4th birthday to our beautiful princess!

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