Sunday, January 10, 2016

What I Learned in December

I thought it would be fun to do one more "what I learned" blog post from 2015!

1. My daughter loved making chocolates almost as much as I loved eating them!

2. The joy of watching your child do something they love can make your heart a good way!
3. Weddings are so beautiful, especially when the couple happens to be some of your best friends!

4. Christmas carols sung by candelight are my favorite.

5. The Pop up Park in Lancaster is just as charming as it looks. I could have stayed for hours!
6. My children have some of the most talented grandparents ever! Grandma Shenk made Hadassah an
apron and matching hot mats to use in the kitchen, and Mumsie Showalter made Hadassah an outfit
that matched her doll's outfit! Grandpa Shenk built Nicholas a fence and hay bales to go with the barn he made him last year. Like I said, most talented ever!

7. Christmas Day in Virginia can actually reach temperatures in the 70's! And we celebrated with a picnic outside! (sorry no pictures #whatwasithinking)

8. I may be a little jealous of my sister's green thumb. 

9.  When I packed for our trip to PA, I discovered that I have a lot of burgundy in my closet. #obviously
10. Matching dresses for little girls is always a great idea. 

What did you learn in December?

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