Monday, April 11, 2016

Out with the Old...In with the New

Well, hello friends!
I've been wanting to update this blog for months...literally.
The winter flew by, with our vacation to Florida, and then weeks of packing
 in preparation for our move.
We didn't go far: a whole half a mile back the lane to the farmhouse!

This house was home for our 9 years of marriage.
I came here as a new bride {although back then, it was an avocado green color!},
and both of our babies were born while we lived here. 
It was bittersweet to think of saying goodbye,
but I was reminded again that home is wherever my people are. 

I don't know how much the children will remember about the time we lived there -
and I know how easily I forget - so I wanted to document the main living spaces with pictures.
Many memories were made with family and friends around this table.

 I loved how the light streamed in these windows!

The sink is full of dirty dishes, because #reallife.

I loved the wood beadboard backsplash! It was easy to clean and pretty too.

The main hang-out, movie-watching, game-playing, book-reading, fire-cracklin' space!

Hours of music was made in this room! My sister-in-law, Jessica, loaned me her piano to use
until she had space in her new home. I'm so grateful!

The office was the one room that I never could make work for me.
It was too dark, too full and I had too little space to work.
I can't wait to show you pictures of the new office; it's one of my favorite rooms in the house now!

Our "catch-all" spot in the laundry room

This room was the nursery, where Nicholas slept the last 2 years.

My favorite chair, from Target (which became a drop-off for Eddie's clothes, most of the time!)

A view of our bedroom

She manages to get into nearly every photoshoot!

Can you guess whose room this is?

I got this cheap-o dresser at a yard sale for $20,
and had fun experimenting with a ombre effect on the drawers!

These two were troopers through the moving process!
Nicholas had the hardest time understanding why we were going to live
in his Pawpaw and Mumsie's house.
But he's adjusted very well, and I'm so thankful for that!

This girl is always up for an adventure, and couldn't wait to move into her new room!

Three of my friends came one day to help me move things,
and we got a lot accomplished!

My parents, brother, sister and her husband traveled from PA to help us get all our furniture moved and the house set up.
I was beyond grateful for all their help!

I gave her the job of putting her clothes away,
and she loved it!
She said, "I did it nice and neat, just like I like it!"

This is our new home,
the house where Eddie lived for most of his life!
We have plenty of space, so if you get a chance to stop in,
we'd love to have you!

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