Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunsets, Beaches & A Sand-dollar Banner

Our family spent a week at Sanibel Island in Florida to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! We'd never been to this island before and totally fell in love with it!! Not only was it a beautiful, tropical location, but also family-friendly. There were lots of children at the resort we stayed at, so I felt right at home! The weather was perfect for laying out on the beach...or hitting around a golf ball [my husband's idea of relaxing!]

I was so pleased that we were able to take some pictures at the beach, especially since I had a new camera to play around with! These were taken right at sunset, so they turned out a bit darker than I'd hoped, but I still love them!

Hadassah turned 5 months old the same day we celebrated 5 years!!! I'd call it a fun coincidence (= She did so well for us, other than having a few fussy spells as a result of teething. It was our first vacation with a baby, which totally changes the dynamics. But I'm so glad we took her along! That precious smile makes any day more beautiful!!

My best friend, Edith, and her husband went along with us. She was a huge help with the baby and an awesome beach buddy! We even got our hair braided with corn rows (= [Goodness, I forgot how much it hurt!]

There are only a few things worth waking up at 6:30 for...and this sunrise certainly qualifies!! It was breathtaking. Eddie even found a crab and starfish while we walked the beach. 

There's just something about the white sand, palm trees blowing in the breeze and the sound of the ocean that calms and refreshes me. Maybe that's why I was inspired to do a "beach-y" craft that I'd like to share with you!

Since I knew we'd want some 5 year anniversary pics, I thought it would be fun to make a prop for them! I found this little craft shop beside the pool, designed for kids [and adults who are kids at heart!] I found some sand dollars there...perfect for beach pictures!!
I got to work with some basic supplies pictured below.

The slots at the top of the sand dollars were perfect for threading the ribbon through!

Next I wrote "5 years" on the shells...and the banner was complete!

Now for some pictures!

5 years together, filled with so many memories!

I won't even pretend it's always been easy. But it's been worth it!! This man is the love of my life and I look forward to many more years together.

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  1. What a wonderful vacation/ Anniversary trip! Fabulous sand.dollar banner and photos... what sweet memories!