Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Decor ~ Part 1

I love how the changing of seasons brings fresh inspiration. With February just around the corner, I got bit by the love bug!! First off, I wanted to switch out the ornaments in my apothecary jar to something that would fit the Valentine's theme. I had some jelly hearts that I used for a pop of red, which I layered with puffed marshmallows. I like the final result....except I'm somewhat tempted to EAT the candy when I walk past! );

The runner on the kitchen table was looking rather bland, so I decided to create a new one. After visiting Walmart, I found some white burlap [as opposed to the natural color], which I loved. A yard was only $3.74 and I only needed about half that amount!

I started by cutting it to the size I needed, and then pulled threads until I had the desired fringe length. [Call me weird, but I love doing this!! (;]

Now I cut the fringe so that it's even. If you are able to cut in a straight line to begin can eliminate this step! ha

To give it a bit of pizazz, I added some ribbon ~ red, to be exact!! Here's where some basic sewing skills come in handy. Just lay it on the burlap, and pin it in place if you like. I just stitched it fast on one side of the ribbon, but you could do both. A sewing machine would be faster, but I don't own one. Furthermore, I get a kick out of stitching. Don't ask why!

Tada!! The finished product, completed in about 15 minutes! Check back soon for part 2 of my Valentine's decor.

Friday is nearly here...and the beaches in Florida. I.can't.wait.  Love to all!

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