Thursday, December 12, 2013

Magnolia Wreaths & Mantles

Wreaths are such a fun thing to create, especially at Christmas! I've been seeing all kinds of cool creations all over Blogland this year. And while I love a traditional evergreen wreath, I wanted to try something a bit different. I knew my in-laws had gathered magnolia leaves and sprayed them gold to use for a Thanksgiving tablescape, and thought they would make a beautiful wreath. Before I got my hands on them, another friend used them in her decor for a Christmas banquet! The third time is the charm, they say. I think I'd agree!

I used a straw form for the base, and covered it with strips of burlap I had on hand. 
I didn't realize how much of a mess this could be. When I removed the plastic, the straw went everywhere! It's pretty bad when your two-year-old daughter exclaims about how big a mess you're making! 

Then the fun began! I started to glue leaves around the wreath. I just eyeballed it to try to get the look I wanted. Keep adding leaves until there is no wreath showing. I wanted mine to be full.

Hadassah had a great time pulling the leaves out for me. She never turns down an opportunity to "help"! I just had to keep a close out for the hot glue gun, because she assumed that was fair game too.

More leafy goodness

Meet the Magnolia Wreath!
I'm thrilled with how it turned out!!
[I may or may not have done my share of gazing at it, with a cheesy little grin on my face]
It completes my Christmas mantle, and fits right in with that woodsy-ish feel I was going for.

Vintage Christmas cards and crocheted ornaments make a cute garland. 
The paper trees were last year's Christmas project! You can get the tutorial here.
The ornaments are styrofoam balls that I covered in lace and burlap.
The stamped wood oval is from my shop.

And that's my cozy woodland Christmas mantle!
What are you decorating with this year?
Come back next week to get some Christmas party tablescape inspiration!

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  1. Very nice mantel for Christmas! Thanks for joining our Twirl and Take a Bow Party! Hope to see you again next week!