Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A New Desk & DIY Art

I am so excited to share my latest find with you...
a new-to-me desk!
I've been on the look-out for one of these for a few years, but only searched Craigslist sporadically
until recently, when I rediscovered my love for shopping for bargains online!
Some people have tremendous success thrifting for items like this,
 but with two busy toddlers to keep occupied, it's much more practical for me to find whatever deals I can from the comfort of my home.

 The previous owner said that the desk was in the family for years,
but it was clearly cared for.
I was so pleased to find that the drawers open easily, and I now have the perfect place to store my crafting supplies, paper and pens.
My actual book work takes place in the office for now, but I'm hoping one day to have my own creative space to work in, and this is a great starting place! :)

Those gorgeous handles and the chippy surface make me swoon,
not to mention the curved legs and the claw feet.
I love it all!

I still can hardly believe I found a desk exactly like I wanted...
and for 50 bucks!!!
{See why I love Craigslist?!}

I wanted art to hang above the desk, and snagged a few clipboards from a stash my husband had in the office.
The "Life is Beautiful" print is a favorite of mine, and was a gift from a friend.
I lettered a verse that I love, and clipped up some feathers with the word "inspire" for the final board.
Super simple, and it cost me next to nothing!
Even better, the artwork can be changed as often as I want!

I added some greenery, along with my vintage typewriter {another Craigslist find!}
and a gorgeous piece of wood from my brother's old barn.
I'm thrilled with my desk,
and love how it creates a new functional area in our home.

What are you favorite bargains? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. That is a lovely desk!

  2. Congratulations, Ruby and Diamond Designs! You’ve been Nominated for a Leibster Award by Vee at Made Actually. Check it out and accept the award at
    (I can't seem to log in with my WP ID on your Blogger platform...)
    I love your old typewritter... I have one too and it stays out all the time and changes with the seasons.